Let Her Flow

I step gently into her flow. She calls me from deep within, Following a flow, Following a dream. […]

The Pain 1

The Pain

I am silenced I am struggling I am fixed I am resisting I am defeated I am humiliated […]

Pan's Dungeon

Pan’s Dungeon

I knew the journey was going to challenge. I knew the journey was going to change me. I […]

A Shaman's Tears 1

A Shaman’s Tears

Weep, Weep my soul, The tears flow from my heart. They come from the depths, Depths that I […]

Spiritual Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is something that I have given a great deal of thought to, in terms of […]

Pan's mirror

Pan’s Mirror

Entering from the edge of the woods, The elements wrap around me. The passing shower multiplies the scent. […]

Accepting myself and fire 2

Accepting myself

Fire, fire in my belly Fire, fire in my belly Dancing all the time. Accepting ourselves is part […]