Monthly archives: May 2015

Shamanic Goals

Just recently we’ve been moving house so I’ve been sorting through my paperwork. One of the things I […]


Feeling fear

I think by nature I tend to be an anxious person, feeling fear very often. When looking at […]

What is Medicine?

Medicine is defined by oxford dictionary (online) as: 1The science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention […]

Dealing with down days

There are somedays when it feels like a struggle to get out of bed and I spend that […]

Shamanism and Politics

For me it’s important that any spiritual development / spiritual life is still connected into the reality we […]

Au Naturel

There have been many changes that have occurred through the shamanic work that I have done. Some have […]

Changing Fuel

A couple of months ago I was struggling with all the change that was going on in my […]

Time for change

I started my shamanic journey a few years back when I did a Way of the Shaman course […]