I’m Richard. This website is my blog and gives details of shamanic practices that I offer.  I am a qualified doctor.  As a junior doctor i tried several specialities but aways felt that I wasn’t making many people better, i was more just helping them to live with their chronic problems.  I then started looking into different methods including coaching, hypnosis and NLP. I enjoyed these but again felt that they were not achieving change at a deeper level. Then  after several years of looking into different healing methods came across shamanism.  To begin with I just put a toe in the water and undertook regular journeys, which aided me in giving me insight into things. I also used the practice to understand more about who I was. I found it helpful and beneficial but not life changing.

About 18 months ago I decided to take things further and train as a shamanic practitioner. I am currently training with Simon Buxton and The Sacred Trust on their 3 year practitioner programme.  Since starting the programme there has been considerable change in my life, far more than I have come across with anything else I have done. It feels to me like I have arrived ay what I am meant to be doing. The change process hasn’t always been easy.  Part of the struggle has been a resistance against letting go.  Part of it has been exploring things that i didn’t want to look at. I have found shamanism to be supportive, it allows me to do the work on myself I needed to do. I have also found it to be a wonderful tool for helping others on their journey.

You may be asking yourself if this is for you.  I would say that shamanic practices are very simple spiritual practices that enable one to have a direct relationship with the spiritual realm.  For me, this is true empowerment as one discovers one’s own allies and spiritual support.  Shamanism is about finding your own guided path and having the courage and support to follow it.  We all make mistakes on the way and none of us our perfect but each of us has a unique path full of its own fulfilment.

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Blessings to you all