Let Her Flow 1

I step gently into her flow.

She calls me from deep within,

Following a flow,

Following a dream.


Washing back and forth,

Gradually ascending my body,

I merge with her flow,

Her energy rising within me.


I become aware of my body,

The parts that do not move,

The constraints and traumas from my life,

Gradually starting to move once more.


The pulsation grows and grows,

Deep inside me moving every cell,

Shaking my once firm tree,

Until the tree bends and curves with the gentle breeze.


My body responds to the flow with delight,

Energising every part.

With every breath, I breathe in more,

Releasing tension within me.


Here is energy beyond me,

Here is a wildness I cannot control,

Here is a beauty beyond my words,

Here is true nature.


Do I let her free?

Do I let her have her way with me?

Do I let her see my pain?

Do I let her fully in?


Gradually, inch by inch,

Releasing the tensions,

Releasing the thoughts,

Releasing my life.


The whirlwind goes on around me.

Pictures, fragments flashing before me,

Trying to grasp them,

As they speed up into her funnel.


I stand in the eye of her storm.





Now I feel myself,

Now I feel who I truly am,

Now I feel the divine connection,

Now I feel free.


She ebbs and flows through me,

Releasing the pain,

Giving me strength,

Letting me out.


Even now I feel her flow,

Quieter than at first,

Yet storms still rise,

As part of her ebb and flow.


Now the flow surrounds me,

Ever changing,

Yet always there.

Here I am.

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