Shamanic Healing

shamanic healingI offer the following shamanic healing services:

Shamanic Healing session (about 2 hours)

This requires me to do some work beforehand and then can involve a mixture of shamanic processes as directed by spirit. This is in-depth work which can lead to many different outcomes / changes. You will be required to take some actions afterwards to embed the work in.

This work can involve:

  • Power Animal retrival
  • Return of Soul Parts
  • Extraction of negative energies
  • Removal of over-shadowing from spiritual beings

Remote Shamanic Healing session (about 2 hours)

This is the same as above with you sitting somewhere quiet on your own rather than in the same room as me. Feedback can be by phone or by email. Again you will need to undertake some action after the shamanic healing to embed the work. This work can involve the same aspects of face to face shamanic healing except removal of over-shadowing.

Personal Healing Ritual (3 to 4 hours)

This longer shamanic healing session involves more time to allow for the work to go deeper.  These sessions are individually planned so that you get what you need from them (as determined by spirit). The sessions involve a mixture of work which vary from you being passive and allowing me to do the work, to your active physical involvement in tasks.  There is a need for commitment to the work as there is likely to be further tasks to do before or afterwards.

Divination (30 minutes)

This is support in answering a specific question about your life that you may have and takes about 30 minutes. This can be done remotely as well and is often done as a precursor to a healing session. When done on its own it helps to give insight into the question you’ve asked. When done before a shamanic healing session it gives direction to the session so that the work focusses on any healing needed around any issues raised.

Remote Divination and Journey Session (1 hour)

This is a divination followed by a journey on the question and takes about 60 minutes. All you need to do is send in your question and I will email back the answer I receive a few days later.

Shamanic Counselling

This is a series of 6 sessions caring from 90 mins to 2 hours each.  This series trains you in journeying techniques so that you can find your own answers. This provides a very good base for your own shamanic work. Highly recommended for those interested in developing their own shamanic skills.

Introduction to Journeying (about 1 hour)

This simple session gives you a quick tool to enable you to access the spiritual realm easily through a picture. It is a very relaxing and peaceful process. If you are unsure about what a journey would involve and just want a taster session then this is for you.

I hold shamanic healing sessions in Nuneaton,Warwickshire and  I’m in London once a week. The longer healing experience is more flexible as to where, subject to finding a suitable venue.   I am on the Sacred Trust 3 year practitioner programme so there is no charge for these services.  I do need to submit summaries (with no personal details) to my supervisor.

Often people have never experienced this type of work before but just feel drawn to it.  It’s fine not to be sure and just to “put a toe in the water”. Get in touch with your questions and we will go from there.