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When I started out on my shamanic journey I was looking for a way to solve my problems, to get what I want and live happily ever after. I thought that by getting a deeper relationship with the spiritual world, it would give me more power over stuff;  as I would be closer to the true power of life – Spirit. I wanted the power to achieve things, to set goals and be able to create what I wanted, in the way that I wanted.  I had a great sense of frustration that i was not able to do this and felt this spiritual journey would solve this.  I knew about different forms of power.  During my management training, I learnt abut different forms of power like power of knowledge or position power. My feelings and my education led to a desire for power over things, people and over myself. I felt that the ability to create what i wanted would be the pinnacle of achievement and so it was bound to come from such deep spiritual work.

Well it got me on the path. What I didn’t realise was that my goals would shift and that shamanic power is really about healing. It is much more subtle and nuanced than the raw aggressive power I was expecting.  I would describe shamanic power as much more feminine than the masculine power I had been expecting.

As I connect more with nature and feel the influence of the seasons, there is an ebb and flow. This ebb and flow cannot be stopped, it just is. It is the power of going with the flow, and comes from aligning with what is around us rather than trying to dominate it. Anyone looking at a waterfall in full flow can get a sense of the raw power of nature and it’s ability to move great rocks. It is not an energy you can stand in the way of, if you want to survive. It is transformative with a freedom to go where it must, resistance is futile. I can’t stop winter nor can i stop the sun rising in the morning. I can align myself with the changes.

There is a great depth to shamanic power, that I haven’t found or experienced anywhere else. It is a an energy, free from the limits of humanity, that just is. Like riding a set of rapids in a small boat where you can make small adjustments but you are going with the flow. The depth is beyond understanding, although my mind still tries to make sense of it.

I have also found shamanic power to be supportive and caring. It is nurturing and holds us.  The caring aspect has surprised me, the feeling of utter compassion whilst tearing down what needs to go. The acknowledgement of my internal pain, yet caring enough to keep going. I have learnt through journeying to understand it more and through setting intentions to guide where it goes. This isn’t controlling it, as I initially intended but aligning myself more with it.

By describing shamanic power, I am limiting it, I am constraining it’s true nature, as it is beyond words.  I suspect that we will never fully comprehend it whilst being human. As time goes on we may get a better insight into it but this is just an insight / a glimpse.

Shamanic power does have darkness and light, destruction and creation. It comes from a place of deep love, of kindness and truth. I would recommend the journey with shamanism to anyone.  Just respect the power within it and it’s immense ability to transform.

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