A Shaman's Tears

A Shaman’s Tears 1

Weep, Weep my soul,

The tears flow from my heart.

They come from the depths,

Depths that I did not know where there.

I cry as loud as I can but still it does not feel to be enough.

No sound can be enough.

My body cannot fulfill the need I feel to cry,

Nothing can adequately convey the weeping of my soul.

I weep for the pain,

I weep for the anguish I see in your face,

I weep for the hurt that goes to the core of you,

I weep for person broken apart.

Further and further we go,

Into the darkest places,

Rendering asunder all there is,

Till there is no more.



The deep communion with Spirit

I weep at the beauty before me,

I weep at the magnificence,

I weep at the purity of soul,

I weep at the overflowing love.

I can only convey the love through my tears.

Tears that do not fall fast enough.

Tears that can never be enough to fully convey the love.

Tears that are all I have.

To witness the divinity within you,

To witness the brightness within you,

To witness the love within you,

To witness the greatness within you.

Love fills my body,

Love seeps from every pore ,

Love that comes from the depths of my soul,

Love that overwhelms me.

I can only stand there weeping,

Weeping with every fibre that I have.

Still it is not enough to convey the depths of love,

Still it is not enough

I am spent.

There are no more tears.

Just love .

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