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Welcome and thanks for spending some time on this blog.  This blog is generally about shamanism, it includes thoughts, observations and some poems about following a shamanic path.  The contents are based on my personal experience and thoughts which is individual to me.  Shamanism, a spiritual practice, varies from person to person so this is just my take on my spiritual connection. You can find out more about me here.  Part of this work for me is offering Shamashamanic blognic Healing, details of which can be found here.

I have tried to simplify navigating around the blog, so here are the top ways:

  • Most recent posts are on the home page of the blog, the most recent coming first.
  • If you are looking for specific type of post i.e. one’s specifically around medicine or poems, then use the category link on the side of the page.
  • Most recent comments can also be found on the side of the page.

I use these writings as a space for my own thinking so I reserve the right to say what I like and to say stupid things which I rethink. Often words do not fully express the shamanic realm so that it is inevitable that this blog comes up short in doing justice to shamanism. I am influenced by being in nature with a love for the connection with Trees. There is also the connection to Pan, King of the Woods, hence the name Pandemonium. So it may get a bit wild at times!  I encourage you to be challenged and find your own path, which I hope these posts will help you to do.

I hope you find insights into what you are looking for. Please do leave comments and feel free to contact me through the tab.

Blessings to you.


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