My Path 1

I’ve been told to focus on the goal,

To focus on what I want to achieve.

It is the path to greatness.

It is the path to success.


But I seem to have found a different path.

One where I just take the next step forward.

I don’t know where it leads,

It doesn’t feel like a path of certainty.


And yet with each step forward,

I feel more confident.

It’s like I’m following my body not my head.

My body calls deep within,

A deep dark call,

A stirring within.


I was expecting a flash of light.

A white crisp clear energy.

A light to illuminate my path,

For all to see how virtuous it is.


Instead I get a voice from the dark.

Deep within me, that’s only for me,

From the depths of my inner soul,

Driving through the wilds within me.


So naked I stand,

Vulnerable to attack

And grows within me a certainty

A strength of feeling.


I go through pain

I did not think I could endure.

I embrace such beauty,

I still can’t accept as me.


Alone, for it is my path,

It is not a path for others.

I follow step by step,

Building trust and intuition,

Learning to trust myself,

Learning to be myself.


Yet I’m not alone.

I feel the ancestors around me,

I feel the spirits within me.

Now I can hear them all more clearly,

Now I can feel them warmly embrace me,

Now I can be me.


The inner joy of breaking the mold

That encasement I didn’t know was there.

Accepting the fear,

Embracing the pain,

Walking through the fire,

Letting it scar me.


I hold up my wounds,

I embrace my scars,

As part of my story.

And in response to the pain,

I take one step at a time,

Just following my path.


Where will I end up?

I don’t know.

I join together

The physician,

The healer,

The human being.


To be more fully me

That’s my goal.

Only I can measure it results.

And on my deathbed I will know,

I have lived,

I have breathed.

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One thought on “My Path

  • Jules

    You always write just what is happening for me! We’re all a reflection to each other as a clan I believe as Nicola is reflecting my life too since she arrived here. See you very soon for a hearty hug !! <3