Pain and Beauty

Pain and Beauty of the world

During some shamanic work, I was shown some of the worst aspects of humanity. Our ability to cause pain to each each other, just to gain energy and power. If we look back at our history, there have been times when we’ve taken this to extreme. There have been mass killings, torture on a wide spread scale for anybody who did fit in with the current way of thinking. This still continues to day across our world (just look at the work of Amnesty International). The drive for power over another, the sense of right over wrong leads down a path of pain. I was overwhelmed by what I saw, the pain the suffering being used to gain power over others. I was surprise to find myself weeping at the intensity of it all.

One amazing part of shamanic work, is work on the healing of this pain. Taking a horrific situation and healing it up, through giving energy back to where it belongs and helping lost and injured souls cross to where they belong. There is such beauty in this work. I love the fact that shamanism opens up the world to such great healing. Watching my spirit allies changing the situation before my eyes had a divine beauty. It was so humbling as I knew it wasn’t work that I could do. I was privileged just to be able to witness it.

I have often found that it is in the intense pain that there is the greatest healing. In my experience of shamanism there is light and darkness to the work. Human suffering is part of the world we live in, some of it directly caused by others, some of it just part of the living experience. Working on healing up that suffering brings hope to me that this work does provide benefit to others. It is also very emotionally intense. It is the intensity of the human experience. I have often seen this intensity as a doctor, when telling patients they have cancer or telling relatives their loved one has died. The way they react varies but there is no escaping the intensity of that reaction.  It was the intensity of this pain, I was being shown. It was like experiencing the pain with the person involved.

I very much feel that the spiritual world also experiences this pain, at this intensity, with us every step of the way. The shamanic work is bringing healing to this, bringing love and allowing souls to heal the pain they have caused. I have been surprised as to how personally difficult this type of shamanic work can be. It is not the sweetness of a spiritual utopia but experiencing the joy of bringing healing to pain. I love this work for it is a great blessing to witness healing on such a level. I am still surprised when I get challenged by the shamanic work but I grateful as each time I grow. It may be a hackneyed phrase but it is an amazing journey, full of colour and vitality.

Love and Blessings


This isn’t just about the pain and suffering caused by others, but also my ability to cause pain and suffering. I can and have caused pain to others, as we all do (see blog about it here)


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