Shamanic Blog – a year of blogs

Well it’s been a year since I started writing this shamanic blog (54blogs). It has been an experience both in terms of deepening my shamanic path and exploring my”voice” in what I write. One of the greatest things has been how much I have got from spending time starting with a personal question and just finding an answer through writing. Often when I start out on a blog I don’t know where it’s going to end up. I have a few thoughts and a few ideas but it has become a great way for me to explore. It provides me with a space to find what I think rather than being told by others what to think. So over this year a few themes have emerged in this shamanic blog.

Shamanic Blog Theme: Everyone’s shamanic path is individual to them.

Most of us have an experience of set religion, which takes a set spiritual experience and applies it to everyone. Shamanism allows the individual to connect directly to the spiritual and find their own spiritual path. No set rules. There are common tools such as journeying and using altered states of consciousness. It is the tools and methods that define shamanism, not the beliefs or  experiences. Rather than trying to unify the output, it becomes a path of seeking an ever closer relationship with Spirit.

Shamanic Blog Theme: The path of healing.

This has been much more varied than I expected. When I started out I expected a set path that I had to experience and learn so i could then heal others, much like the way I had been taught medicine. My own healing experiences have often come when I least expect them. It has been experiences of working with deities, with no fixed rules, that have been a deep experience. It has been the power animal retrieval at the right moment that has made a big impact. It has been the releasing of suffering beings close to me. These have been healing but in ways that go beyond words, and go beyond the tangible.

Shamanic Blog Theme: Who Am I?

The process of going deeper spiritually, has gone along side a path of greater self expression. Some of this has been expressed through the poems. Some has come through experiences of connecting deeper with my true self. Much of this has been trying to make sense of my current experiences and also experiences from my childhood. It has also been part of embracing deeper parts of me and deeper desires that I can’t fully explain. Being willing to embrace uncertainty and do it anyway. This has been moving and scary. I have also begun to understand more that there will always be more to learn about myself, more to experience.

Shamanic Blog Theme: Exploring the darkness.

I think this is the element I didn’t really think about before deciding to train as a shamanic practitioner. Shamanism is about light and darkness, going into the darkness is part of the spiritual. I came from a spiritual belief system that associated darkness with evil. I felt that pain should be avoided and that it was my job to relieve the suffering of myself and others. What I’ve found is my shamanic path has meant going into the darkness and pain. Sometimes I’ve not been given a choice about this it has just happened. It is in this mess that I have found the deepest love and received the greatest blessings. It has been in the darkness and accepting the pain that the greatest personal transformation has occurred. I have learnt that my role is not to stop the suffering of others but to be there for them as they go through it, to the best of my abilities.

So it’s been a year, the path continues. I feel it coursing through my body more. I’m different, more fully me. I still feel the deep desire to be more connected and a deep calling to the shamanic path. I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts and experiences.

Love and Blessings

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