Pan's mirror

Pan’s Mirror

Entering from the edge of the woods,

The elements wrap around me.

The passing shower multiplies the scent.

I breathe it in.

I gently wend my way along,

Hearing the birds singing and calling,

The crack of the sticks breaking under my foot,

The sound of hooves behind me.

I come to a pool,

Deep within the woods,

Surrounded by trees.

Just the sound of flowing water.

I sit on a fallen tree,

Close my eyes and breathe in the elements.

I allow my skin to feel the atmosphere around me,

The sound of hooves behind me.

I feel a sense of panic arising within me,

I don’t know what I fearful of.

A goaty smell reaches my nostrils.

I am just imagining the breathing on my neck?

I open my eyes and look into the pool.

I feel love pouring into me.

A deep connection with the life force of the universe,

It ebbs and flows and pulses within me.

I keep looking in the pool.

There’s a fire growing brighter,

Dancing all around,

Like it wants to show off to the whole world.

I see a couple merging into one,

As the sacred act grows and grows.

I see a puppet with strings attached,

Drawing in blind crowds

Who holds those strings?

Who stops the authenticity?

Who holds my strings?

Who stops my authenticity?

I close my eyes again.

My breathing relaxes, as I feel held.

The strength of the arms,

The compassionate love.

I open my eyes,

Around the pool I see several gnarled faces.

Faces of those who have known pain,

Faces of those who have caused pain.

Slowly, bit by bit,

The strings connecting them drop away.

Curses that have bound them and others

Evaporate before my eyes

I feel the breath from behind me.

Crossing over the pool

It is melting the strings,

It breaks the bonds

I see the faces relax.

As the white light above increases,

I can see no more in the brightness.

I only feel love.

Once again I’m looking at the pool.

It’s just me beside an ordinary pool.

Did anything just happen?

Best not speak of such madness.

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